Singer-songwriter and producer Tshila was born in Kampala, Uganda. Inspired musically by several influences, she taught herself to play guitar, keyboard and African instruments as she experimented with her own sound. She self-recorded and produced her first album, Sipping From the Nile in 2006. The album gained recognition from music critics around the world and in 2007, Tshila was named one of the 20 best unsigned artists in the world by the BBC World Service .

"The mix of traditional African sounds with poetry and hip-hop works perfectly for Tshila."  

BBC World Service 

She has toured and performed her music worldwide at festivals in Africa, Europe and the United States, including the Kennedy Center Millennium Stage in Washington, DC.

In December 2018, Tshila released her self-recorded and self-produced album World in Crisis. The album addresses the social and political challenges the world faces, especially from an African woman's perspective. She's been highlighted  again on the BBC World Service, this time for World in Crisis .

Tshila resides and is creating, collaborating and performing between New York City and Philadelphia.